Journal 5
In my career research project I talked about being a human resources manager one day. I am going to make my plan of action by pursuing my goal of becoming an HR manager. After i am done playing baseball I will begin my search for an HR job. I will apply for internships to gain value experience and knowledge of the field. Once I get my degree I will start to pursue jobs that I really have a passion for. Possibly applying with sports teams to try and get a job in their organizations. I can help with recruiting other future employees and assist in other projects in the job. My goal is to land a job that will start a career for me. I work hard and get the job done so I feel that will take me a long way.

Cover letter for a Referral

1. The name of the audience is Mr. Henry Fouche. He works for Best Plan Publicity in New York. He has to do with something in Public relations because Mary references Public relations many times in her cover letter.
2.  The purpose of the 1st paragraph is stating who refeered her to Mr. Fouche. The purpose of the 2nd paragraph is stating her accomplishments in her previous jobs and the skills she has. The 3rd paragraph deals with the other skills she has learned from working at other businesses prior to her Public relations job. The 4th paragraph shows the kind of work ethic that Mary has. In the final paragraph she thanks Mr. Fouche and says she looks forward to meeting him.
3. The major accomplishment in this cover letter is in the 2nd paragraph when Mary talks about the number of hats she was won at her previous job. She is very confident in the work she has done and she believes that she is the right one for the job showing the work she has done in the past.
4. I would say she makes her main appeal through creditability. She gives the reader a lot of accomplishments she has done which makes it look very good. The way she makes her case as being qualified for the job is very good because she really backs it up with everything she has accomplished in her previous jobs.
5. She really doesn't address her audience. Only in the opening paragraph do you see her address the audience. Since she was referred, Mary has no clue who her audience really is until she gets a chance to meet with them.
6. I thought that this cover letter was really good and I wouldn't even improve any part of it. She makes her case for why she is qualified and really give the reader a lot of info about the accomplishments she has done in the past. Overall this cover letter was a perfect referral and a really good example.

Cover letter for unsolicited

1. Jonathan Arvidson is the audience in this cover letter. Mr. Arvidson is the head of the Reference Department. She talks about working in a library many times so that gives you a good understanding of what she does. He gives good values that are needed to be found in a reference librarin.
2. In the 1st paragraph she introduces himself and states what position she is applying for. In the 2nd paragraph she talks about the skills she has posed will working in the library. In the 3rd paragraph she gives him his contact information and thanks him for his time.
3. The major accomplishment she states is his skills in the field. She has a lot of experience that shows she is well prepared for the job.
4. I would say their main appeal would be emotion. She shows her emotion with the passion she exemplifies in the work she has done in the past. She is very passionate and put everything she has into her work.
5. She only addresses her audience a few times. At the beginning of the letter she does and he references she is from the same town as the library.
6. In my opinion I wouldn't have even improved it. I thought it was well written and it covered everything that should have been covered. The emotion she showed I thought really made it perfect.

Cover letter for specific ad
Cover letter for Specific ad

1. Robin Boyd in Human Resources. You get a pretty good understanding of what this person does by the info she provides the recruiter with.
2. The 1st paragraph she tell her how she found the job in an ad. The 2nd paragraph tell her accomplishments. The 3rd paragraph talks about her current employer. The closing paragraph tell the recruiter why she is the right pick for the job.
3. The major accomplishment she highlights in in the middle of her cover letter. She talks about how she made her previous company better in earnings and gives specific examples to show the truth of her accomplishments.
4. I would say she makes her appeal creditability. She gives a lot of details on her accomplishments and she gives the recruiter specific numbers that she helped her company with which is very impressive.
5. She doesn't really refer to her audience only a few times I would say. She doesn't know this future employer at all. She is writing to her audience through an ad so she doesn't have a clue who they are until she can meet them.
6.  I would have referred to my audience a little more, but other than that it was pretty good. The way she highlighted her information and broke it down to the reader was very well written in my opinion and stands for a great example as a cover letter.

Summary 2

Summary #2               Gone in Thirty Seconds: How to Review a Resume 

     According to Susan M. Heathfield, when reviewing a resume starting with a job description so you know what the job has to deal with. Next they talk about determing a reasonable salary range. She says a lot of candidates worry about there salary before they even invest time in their company. In order to select a candidate you will want to have a certain set of qualifications you are looking for. Susan says this is when you begin to make a candidate profile that includes key characteristics and some of the most important skills you think the candidate should posses. She states that this candidate profile is a good measuring stick for your candidates and gives you questions for your screening process. When reviewing resumes you will come across all kinds of different styles of resumes. Some may look like people tried way to hard to be creative and some just are very plain in style. When reviewing a resume there are certain steps you have to follow. You will start by reviewing the cover letter looking for grammatical errors and spelling. Next she says to scan the resume and look for " a flawless presentation." On the first skim of the resume you should look for the " Easy to find Qualifications." Susan tells the reader that when reviewing these resumes you should also take a look at the previous jobs they have had. Seeing how long they worked there and certain information can give the person a better understanding of what kind of person they are. She concludes by saying that by reviewing resumes you will begin to get better writing your own resumes because you know what to look for. Gaining an understanding and knowledge of resumes can just make yours that much better for your future jobs.

Journal #3 Sample Resumes
Journal 3

     The purpose of this Journal is to get an understanding and start to be familiar with resumes and how they are structured. Seeing examples of resumes can help you come up with ideas for your own and help make it look more professional. - This communications resume is very clear and gets its point across in a way thats easy for the reader. Its to the point with what he is trying to say and doesn't add any more than he needs to in this resume. - This public relations resume is a very well written and uses very descriptive action verbs to make it sound appealing. This resume is very clean to the readers eyes in the way it is structured and set up. - This resume is a marketing management resume. This resume is very simple and to the point. It is the shortest out of the 3 sample resumes I looked at, but jammed with information that is needed for whoever is reading it.

Action Verbs

     These resumes provided a great deal of insight into what I need to accomplish when I am writing a resume of my own. The way these 3 resumes were set up and how clear there message was was very neat to read. I didn't know that you could get your point across in so few words and still make it look very professional at the same time. I thought that these sample resumes uses a lot of descriptive actions words that made their resumes sound exciting and not boring to the reader. In just one page these resumes were able to get across enough information to the reader without losing their attention in the process and that's what was the biggest influence on me when reading these.

Writing project plan

Date assigned: September 13th

Date Due: September 17th

Title: Developing My Writing Skills

Working Thesis: In order to make my writing more clear I need to work on recognizing who my audience is and correct my punctuation.
Audience: My audience is usually college professors and after college it will be people in the business work force.

Scope of assignment: The period of time and the thought and ideas will be different with every assignment, but my main goal is to create a clear and smooth message to my readers.

Purpose for Writing: Obviously my main purpose is to get a good grade and impress my professor, but I also want to gain knowledge and insight on how to better myself with my writing. If I can know who my audience is when I'm writing and clean up my punctuation I believe my writing will be a lot better. Focusing on these two skills will be a huge factor in my success in writing.

Goals of the information: The goal of my writing will be to help my audience understand what I am writing and hopefully they will gain some insight after reading my writing. Hopefully my audience can learn a little something after reading and possibly apply what they learned to their lives.

Methodology:  When I begin to write this assignment I am going to want to use a professional style of writing that will connect with the audience I am writing to. I am going to have to write only what I think is important and leave out all the facts that just take up space. I will develop this by thinking of ideas for my paper and support that with some research. I will probably follow those ideas by writing a rough draft and have a tutor or one of my peers look over for mistakes. The research I do for this assignment will help back up my reasoning for writing this assignment. Stating facts will help make my writing look more professional because the research will be able to back it up.

Content Outline: The outline I will make will be broken up into sections to make my writing clear and easy to understand. The outline will start with a opening section, followed by several content sections, and finally followed by the conclusion.

Research: I will use the internet and possibly books from the library depending on the assignment.

Schedule for this project: I will try to do my research as soon as the project is given. Having my research at hand will help me develop my ideas for my writing. I will set up a day by day schedule so I won't be overwhelmed the night before the paper is due. Having a schedule set up will give me enough time to get help from others by reviewing my mistakes and give me the best opportunity to convey a message to my readers that will make sense and get my point across.

summary 1
In the article, "What Color is your Parachute",  Richard Nelson Bolles states reasons for getting a new job and to go after what we really have a passion for in life. Bolles says there is eight parts to a job and if you want a new vocation you are going to have to change at least one of those eight parts. He states that there are different ways to change your vocation whether you want to change the field you work in or just take up a different job title. Bolles states that there are many options that you can take in life, but if you don't do something you love you wont be happy in the end. The struggles that go thru trying to change your occupation to something you love to do will ultimately bring you success and happiness at the end of the day says Bolles.

(no subject)
The person i wouldnt want to write to.

  Person i would like to write to.

(no subject)
The three writing skills that I need to develop and work on are: Being aware of my audience, correcting my punctuation, and understanding my own writing process. Knowing who my audience is during my writing is a skill I need to improve on. Making my dialogue relate to the audience whether its to a recruiter or a head of a department will be a key to my success. Relating to the audience will keep the reader on the same page as me. Second, knowing when to punctuate is a skill I need to develop. As I read resumes that my father looks at they are very professional with no punctuation mistakes. In my writing I have a tough time knowing where to put commas in my sentences. My goal is to keep learning and understanding how to punctuate by reviewing others work. Lastly in my professional writing, understanding my own writing process is the make or break point for me. As I read some of my fathers work I notice how he stays on point and there seems to be a goal in each on of his writings. Staying on topic and boiling things down to a simple thought will be my success in professional writing.


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